Burning Earth Productions began with a YouTube Channel created by Chris Kroznuski around 2008. At first learning how to create machinima-style videos, Kroznuski eventually ended up taking it a step further and expanded to creating full-blown CGI films using little more than pre-made assets.
Today, Burning Earth Productions is quickly becoming a hub of new media content for lovers of animation, sci-fi  films, video games, visual novels, and a slew of all other kinds of content. The animated web series Earth-Link Origins is currently serving as our flagship project, with plenty of other projects currently in the works.


Chris Kroznuski is the founder of Burning Earth Productions. Born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania, Kroznuski grew up with science fiction. For much of his young life, he dreamed of being an astronaut...that is, until he saw the movie  Gravity.

Kroznuski gained an interest in visual effects around 2008 after playing the video game  Star Trek: Bridge Commander  and getting in touch with the game's modding community, who had kept the 2001 video game alive by adding their own ships and making it more fun. Kroznuski managed to find the same software used in the development of the game, and started playing around with it; this ultimately triggered his love for creating visual effects.


Kroznuski's visual effects work includes the fan film production Project Potemkin  and numerous video clips, demo reels, and tutorials available on his YouTube Channel. He attained his degree in Computer Animation in December of 2016 and is currently developing  Earth-Link Origins as Burning Earth Productions' first fully original project.


Chris Cameron is the co-founder of Burning Earth Productions and hails from Nova Scotia, Canada. Like Kroznuski, Cameron grew up with science fiction. However, unlike Kroznuski, Cameron grew up with a bigger interest in film in general, rather than strictly animation.

Cameron attended a summer camp when he was a teenager which further heightened his interests and led him to doing stop-motion animation. This continued until he got his first taste of a 3D animation program called Anim8tor, in which he created a small series called  Captain Heroic.  Simultaneously, he experimented with a program called Flash to produce 2D animation and to modify Flash-based video games (for example, the fan favorite  Flash Trek: Broken Mirror). Cameron has since used other software, including Hash, Inc.'s Animation: Master, Autodesk 3DS Max (Kroznuski's program of choice) and Autodesk Maya.

Cameron currently produces visual effects for the highly acclaimed  Project Potemkin  and collaborates with Kroznuski on a regular basis, having provided sets and digital assets for  Star Trek: Red Squad; he also does freelance work as a visual effects artist under the name DarkwingFlash. He currently manages a Cineplex movie theater in Nova Scotia, but always lends a hand to Kroznuski when he is able.

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