AKA "Burning Earth Chris" (He/She/They)

Chris Kroznuski is a visual effects artist, video editor, and avid sci-fi fan hailing from eastern Pennsylvania. Growing up on the shoulders of Star Trek and Star Wars, Kroznuski initially dreamed of being an astronaut in his childhood years; during his high school years, however, he gained an appreciation for visual effects and 3D animation.

Kroznuski has acted as a "visual storyteller" for Burning Earth Productions since its conception; he has worked as a visual effects artist, video editor, motion graphics artist, music composer, writer, and sound editor for all productions under the Burning Earth Productions label. In addition, he has worked on several independent productions as a visual effects artist and music composer, and won an award for "Best Use of a Musical Score" at the James Bond III Film Festival in 2018.

Kroznuski currently holds two Associate's Degrees -- one in Computer Animation and Digital Arts, and one in Computer Game and Simulation Programming. He plans to return to school for a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Digital Arts in the future.


VFX Artist, Visual Storyteller (He/Him)

Chris Cameron is a visual effects artist, video editor, and sci-fi fan living in Nova Scotia.

Cameron has always had an interest in filmmaking and animation, and mentored Kroznuski in many of the techniques he knows in 3D Animation and Visual Effects; the two worked together on several Star Trek fan productions, including the fan film series Star Trek: Red Squad as well as with the production team at Potemkin Pictures for several years. The two Chris's also combined their storytelling strengths to put together the story of Earth-Link Origins when the project was first conceived.

Cameron currently manages a theater out of Nova Scotia, but is always on hand to help Kroznuski when he is able.


2D Artist, Concept Artist (He/Him)

Sean Tourangeau is a 2D Artist and Concept Artist living in Colorado Springs.


Sean has storyboarded and designed concept art for the starships of Earth-Link Origins, as well as designing the characters for Sons of Centauri.

Sean is well known across the sci-fi community for designing the USS Titan for the Star Trek: Titan series of novels (and later, the hit TV series Star Trek: Lower Decks); in addition to this impressive achievement, Sean has also worked for the Galestone Media Group and the Voodoo Ranger IPA as a part of his already immense resume.


Writer, Editor (She/Her)

O. R. Faulkner is a Writer and Editor. She serves as writer, editor, and story consultant on Earth-Link Origins and Sons of Centauri.

Faulkner met Kroznuski during their time in college; she has written many stories of the fantasy genre, and has also helped edit several published books, including Of Beasts and Belles and Blue. She has been Kroznuski's go-to editor when it comes to adding the final touches to the stories produced by Burning Earth Productions.

In her spare time, Faulkner enjoys reading and writing fantasy stories featuring angels, demons, and the supernatural.


Video Editor, Audio Engineer (He/Him)

Matt Haslam is a Video Editor and Audio Engineer living in Pennsylvania.

Matt has been a friend of Kroznuski since the mid-2000's. His experience as a video editor and audio engineer has helped Kroznuski many times over. In addition to his considerable video and audio capabilities, Matt also runs his own studio.


In his spare time, Matt hosts his own web documentary series, Powered By Rainbows, on which Kroznuski has helped produce and write several episodes.