It's A New Year With New Frontiers! - December 2020 Update

Hey everyone! Burning Earth Chris reporting in with another semi-lengthy post about what's going on behind the scenes!

Status of Let's Plays

First off, let's get down to the status of our Let's Play Series. Star Trek: Bridge Commander is almost finished, as is the first chapter of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. It has been immensely fun playing both of these games; with Bridge Commander, it fills my heart with nostalgia to play the game that inspired me to become a VFX artist and visual storyteller -- with Danganronpa, it has been a very exciting (if morbid) character study into how far people are willing to go to reach their goals, and the exploration of hope vs. despair.

As it turns out, finishing up Bridge Commander will run almost concurrently with finishing up Danganronpa's first chapter; to this end, once Bridge Commander is finished, I will be taking a week's breather to start recording the next game I'm doing for the channel. Following the week hiatus, there will be a change in what days I'll be uploading new Let's Play videos; I am entering a new school semester and must adapt my upload schedule accordingly. [sarcasm]Yay for real life.[/sarcasm]

The new upload schedule has yet to be determined at this point, but I will keep you all appraised.

Earth-Link Origins, Sons of Centauri, and 2021

Now for updates on the two big projects we've been working on.

In regards to Earth-Link Origins, we are currently in the process of exporting and updating all the character models we've built for the project into Unreal Engine. This hasn't been a very difficult task in itself, but it has proven to be time and resource heavy; the conversion process requires that two pieces of VFX software (Reallusion's iClone and Unreal itself) be open at the same time for the transfer to be made as seamlessly as possible, so it usually takes a few hours before the character is translated into Unreal and properly made ready for animation. A modern computer could probably run at least one VFX program (3ds Max, Maya, After Effects, etc) without too much trouble, but even for a gaming and real-time animation computer system like the one we are working with, two pieces of VFX software being open and running at the same time stretches the system's resources to the very limit. We have been able to convert five character models so far, and will continue working on their conversions throughout the next couple of months; we have a small demo of what we've done with our character models here, and should have more pictures and video by February.

In regards to Sons of Centauri, we have begun splicing up the dialogue our voice actors have delivered and implementing it into the game engine. There is still more art in regards to characters and backgrounds to be made, so we don't have any pictures to share yet of this project; however, we are aiming to showcase a small demonstration of the first few moments of Sons of Centauri by April or May of this year at the latest.

One last thing to mention: we are working on two documentary videos providing a bit more detail of what each of these projects are. The ETA for these two videos is uncertain, but we hope to release them both to our YouTube Channel around late spring or early summer of this year.

Updates to our Patreon -- "Let's Try!"

Finally, we've added something new for Patrons! If you happen to donate $10 per month at the "Burning Earth" tier on our Patreon, you now have an opportunity to message us to try out one game of your choosing for the month! Upon hearing of your chosen game, we will make a half-hour minimum "Let's Try" video to demonstrate our thoughts and feelings on it as we play. If through some crazy circumstance we have more than four choices by our "Burning Earth" patrons, we will leave the desired choices to a Patrons-Only vote that will last 72 hours.

(Please note that we can only try PC and PlayStation 1 games at this time, and we reserve the right to reject a patron's choice for any reason; however, should we reject your first choice, you are more than welcome to give us a second option for us to play.)


That's all for now. Here's hoping that 2021 will grant us the strength and stamina we need to keep going forward! (Oh, and 2020 -- GFY.)

-Burning Earth Chris

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