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Earth-Link Origins

Earth-Link Origins is a forthcoming animated space opera series. Earth-Link Origins takes place around the year 4200 AD, and tells a story of a great war between the benevolent Earth Empire and the vengeful Morningstar Pirates, while a third, unseen power pulls the strings between them; the story features an ensemble cast and will be told from several perspectives that will intertwine with each other.

Currently in post-production, a 20-minute Prologue for the series is set to be released on YouTube and will feature a small sample of the story yet to be told.


Sons of Centauri is an action-adventure visual novel produced in the Unity Game Engine. Set over 10,000 years into the future and in an entirely new galaxy, Sons of Centauri chronicles a team of four mercenaries that go on various adventures and, in the process, work their way towards becoming their galaxy's greatest heroes.

Sons of Centauri is currently in production and is set to be released on Steam pending the completion of its first chapter; following this, four more chapters are planned and will be released as free updates to the base game.


Let's Plays are documentaries where a person plays a video game and makes comments as they play. Burning Earth Productions has published 10 distinct Let's Play series on YouTube, all edited and produced by Chris Kroznuski (aka Burning Earth Chris).

Most of our Let's Plays feature sci-fi themed video games, including Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Homeworld Remastered, and Wing Commander Saga.

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