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We have a wide variety of projects in development, from animated features and video games to Let's Play series. Check 'em out here!


Earth-Link Origins is an original  animated sci-fi series set in the far future. Created by Chris Kroznuski and Chris Cameron as far back as 2009, Earth-Link Origins features an ensemble cast and a galaxy-spanning story about two sides embroiled in an interstellar war while a third, unseen power pulls the strings between them.

A 20-minute short film called "Prologue," meant to set the stage for the rest of the series is set to be released on YouTube within the next year. All future episodes are set to be released on Amazon Prime as they are completed.


Let's Play! is a collection of mini-series where Burning Earth Productions' Chris Kroznuski plays a variety of video games and is joined by various co-commentators as they are played. These series are set to be released for free on YouTube.


All video games portrayed in these videos (and any third-party elements used in these videos) are copyrighted to their respective owners.


Sons of Centauri is an original sci-fi visual novel series created by Chris Kroznuski. The series focuses on a team of four mercenaries trying to make a living in the hostile galaxy of Anima, and chronicles their adventures as they do everything from transporting cargo to assassinating corrupt political leaders.

The series is set to use the Unreal Engine.